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Free until further notice

Until further notice, we’re making Arc Studio Pro completely free. The most thoughtfully designed screenwriting experience with the best collaboration, totally free, no strings attached.

This is a difficult time full of uncertainty, but for those who are healthy but staying at home, this can be an opportunity to create. We want everybody to have access to the best tools available to write screenplays and collaborate, so please sign up, invite your friends, and start creating.


For how long will the service be free?

Nobody knows how this will play out, but we want to keep this going as long as this situation remains as difficult as it is and we can afford it. We've set a minimum of 60 days for ourselves and will let you know once we've decided further.

Will I still have access to my scripts when the free period is over?

Yes, you will still be able to access and export all of your scripts. We won't keep anybody's scripts hostage.

Will I be able to finish my scripts afterwards?

Yes, we will keep some kind of free plan around, at least for everybody who has signed up during the free period.

What features will be limited afterwards?

We don't know yet for certain.