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January 31, 2023

What is a Producer in Film?

Producers are people who work behind the scenes on films, TV shows, and other media projects. They're responsible for making sure that everything gets done on time and within budget—and usually have a lot of creative input as well.

But they are less well-known than a director or the writer. However, that doesn’t mean they are any less vital.

Let’s dive into what is a producer in the film.

What is the role of the producer? 

The film producer is the person in charge of all the people and resources that take a screenplay and turn it into the real thing, a movie.

As you can see, a producer is not just someone who writes the checks. They are responsible for all aspects of the production, from hiring the cast to designing sets. So what does this mean in practical terms?

Well, for starters it means that producers have to be good at negotiating with people and making sure that everyone's needs are met (including their own).

Why do we need producers?

Producers are responsible for getting things done within budget and on schedule—and because they're leaders who know how to motivate creative people by managing them effectively.

They are responsible for hiring the director, casting the actors, and getting a screenplay written or choosing an existing one.

Whilst directors are concerned with directing the film itself, the producer is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day logistics of the set. Without them, nobody would show up on time, scenes might be missed and the film sets themselves would be chaotic. 

With that said, every producer fills a different role on set. Here are some of the three main responsibilities:

Hire people

Producers make sure that all of the necessary pieces are assembled for production—whether it be hiring actors or writing scripts. And they make sure that those pieces come together smoothly when filming begins. 

A good producer hires great people who can do their jobs well (and efficiently), but also knows how to communicate with them effectively so that everyone is on board with what needs to happen during production. They are not micromanagers. 

Provides resources and support 

Throughout pre-production and actual filming ensure quality output from cast & crew members as well as protect investors' money by minimizing risk factors such as budget overruns/shortfalls or setbacks due to weather conditions (or other unforeseen situations).

The producer also figures out how much it's going to cost to make the movie and works out a budget with the studio.

Problem solver 

Producers solve problems and find solutions when they arise during production. They smooth things over between actors, directors, and writers. They also manage relationships with executives at studios or networks who will be funding your film (or TV series). 

What are the different types of producers? 

There are many different types of producers: executive producers, associate producers (or associate directors) so let’s break down the differences between these.

Executive producer 

An executive producer has more power than a producer. In some situations, this can be due to their experience in the industry, but it can also be because they are more recognizable as someone who should have involvement in the project.

One good example is J.K Rowling who was given an executive producer credit on the adaptations of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows parts 1 and 2. 

On other occasions, the executive producer is a senior executive from the production company who is the point of contact with the company owners and is responsible for financing decisions.

Associate producer

An associate producer is a second-in-command to a producer. Akin to an assistant producer, they take directions from the producer who makes all the decisions.

Often an associate producer is more heavily involved in preparing the final draft of the script and ensuring it has been lined up. 

Understanding the role of the producer is vital for writers to understand 

You might think that being a screenwriter means you don’t have much involvement on set. Whilst you’d be right, there is still a lot of value in understanding the different roles on a film or TV show, particularly, what is the job of a producer in a film.

The producer is arguably one of the most undervalued roles on set. A producer makes sure that all things get done on time and get where they need to be but the director and the writer often take the credit for the success of the film, especially if they are considered a high and mighty auteur

Make sure you have a good relationship with the producer and recognize their hard work will put you in good stead and ensure you continue to have a strong working relationship. This is more likely to lead to working together on future projects. 

If you want to ensure you keep your producers happy then ensure you have your script formatted to industry standards. Arc Studio has your back here as it automates much of the formatting.

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What is a Producer in Film?
Harry Verity

Harry is a professional writer. His first novel The Talk Show was published in the U.S and the U.K by Bloodhound Books in 2021 and he is currently working on adapting it for screen using Arc Studio. He's also written for Media Magazine - a UK magazine for students of A-level Film, Media and Television Studies. His journalism has appeared in The Guardian, Readers' Digest and Newsweek, amongst many other publications. He has just finished his second novel for young adults, set in a boarding school. He holds a BA in English from Loughborough University.

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