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Screenplays: Step by Step FREE screenwriting book

Most screenwriting books aren't helpful: They show you where you should go, but not how to get there. They are about analyzing story structure.

This book is different: We show you how to create story structure. We go from idea to script, step by step: How do I turn my vague idea into a solid premise? How do I find the theme? What characters will my story need? How does one sequence of my plot lead to the next?

David Wappel (Long Gone By, HBO) created the most actionable guide to screenwriting available. Learn how to think about your story, what questions to ask about your characters, how the pieces fit together. In the end, you will have written a script that works.

The best part: To get the word out, we're giving the book away for free for a short time. Download it now, let us know what you think, and tell your friends.

What's inside?

From Idea to Premise
Developing An Idea
Finding The Premise Of Your Story
Steps To Take
What To Do When You’re Stuck
Finding A Theme For Your Story
Developing A Theme For Your Story
What Is The Theme Of Your Story?
Your Hero Is the Reason Everything Happens
Why Does It All Happen?
Character Development:
Taking Your Hero Through Changes
From Character To Thematic Structure
How Does Your Hero Change?
Flesh Out Your Main Character
Equip And Calibrate Your Hero
Surround Your Hero
Present Your Hero
Progress Your Hero
Oppose Your Hero
Character Creation Sheet
Story Structure -
How Your Hero Defines Plot Points
From Your Main Character To Foundation Beats
Crossing The Threshold
The Fix
All Is Lost
Story Structure -
Continue Plotting Your Screenplay
What Is The Three-Act-Structure?
What Happens In The Beginning?
Why Is Act II So Long?
What Happens In The End?
Scene Construction -
Which Elements To Include
Constructing Dialectic Scenes
Which Elements To Include In A Scene?
Keep Writing Your Screenplay -
How to Stay Productive
Productivity Tips And Hacks For Screenwriters
Find Out What Works For You
How To Ask For Feedback On
Your Screenplay
Solicit Productive Feedback On Your Screenplay
How To Get Helpful Feedback
How To Systematically Revise
Your Screenplay
How To Revise Your Screenplay
Structure Your Feedback And Revisions

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David Wappel

David Wappel is the screenwriter of Long Gone By, now available on HBO. Top 25 Screenwriter to Watch in 2020 and 2019 Stowe Story Labs Fellowship winner.

David Wappel
Long Gone By (HBO), Screenplays Step by Step