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David Wain

For decades I've been searching for a seamless screenwriting app and and everything has come up way short – until Arc Studio. Writing and collaborating is easier than ever and it gets better every week. Well done!

David Wain, Writer/Director: Role Models,Wet Hot American Summer

Story building tools

Arc Studio is not just about writing, it's about crafting stories: Visualize and play with your plot. Color-tag beats with characters, locations, and storylines. Everything in an intuitive drag & drop interface.

Final Draft Beat Board
Arc Studio Plot Board

The most efficient, elegant, intuitive, and all around user-friendly screenwriting software I've ever used — and I've used them all.

Anna Klassen, Screenwriter (Netflix)

Designed for joy

Final Draft was a trail blazer in screenwriting software – but its age is showing. While the script format remains the same, we want more from our writing tools: More creative support, more efficiency, more joy while telling our stories.

That's where Arc Studio shines: We interviewed hundreds of professional screenwriters to find out how they work and how their software can best support them. Then we assembled a team of world-class engineers and designers to bring you a modern take on screenwriting.

Safe & Sound

Worry-free editing thanks to auto-save, change tracking and cloud backups

The Stash

Keep scenes in a separate stash instead of deleting them


No old-school interfaces from the 90s – designed for focused writing

Quick commands

No more browsing through menus – one command let's you access everything


There really is no reason not to upgrade to the new industry standard.

Final Draft

$249 + $99 per upgrade

Arc Studio

FREE plan to get you started

Paid plans $69/year, all upgrades included


Screenwriting is collaborative at its core. Arc Studio is built for writing teams, such as the Team behind the Netflix show Arcane.

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Collaborate in real-time, like in Google Docs
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Exchange comments with cowriters, mentors, and peers & also in real-time
Share Icon
Share links with people to read your script and give you feedback

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Arc Studio lets us collaborate across the entire season and manage incoming notes or changes without ever losing track of a single thing. Can’t imagine ever going back.

Christian Linke
Showrunner, Arcane (Netflix)