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Arc Studio is the simplest way for both industry professionals and novice screenwriters to outline, write, and edit screenplays and television scripts.

This year, we’re offering students a FREE semester of Arc Studio Pro!

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Industry standard formatting

Clean, distraction-free interface with autocompletion and intuitive shortcuts

Cutting-edge digital whiteboard

Story-structure building with beat-cards and an intuitive drag & drop interface

Frequently asked questions

What is included in the free Arc Studio Pro subscription?

You will have full access to Arc Studio Pro, including all of our features, from industry-standard formatting to advanced storyboarding tools, completely free for the semester.

What qualifies me as a student?

You will receive the discount as long as you sign up using your .edu email address!

When the semester ends, what happens to my subscription?

If you choose to renew your license, you will receive a $70 discount! Alternatively, if you decide not to upgrade, you can keep working on your existing screenplays. However, some tools will have limited functionality, and you cannot create new scripts.

I am having issues accessing my discount. What can I do?

To get assistance, please send a message to, and we'll take care of it.

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Collaborate in real time

Write with others just like using Google Docs

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