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Arc Studio is the easiest way to outline, write, and edit screenplays and television scripts, for solo-writers, large writing staffs, and everything in between.

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Industry Standard Formatting

Arc Studio automatically formats your script according to the Hollywood industry standard. You stay focused with intuitive shortcuts and a clean visual design, which removes all distractions. No more clunky apps from the 90s – Arc Studio is a breath of fresh air for the screenwriting world.

Seamless transition from Final Draft
Seamlessly import & export Final Draft and keep your formatting 100% consistent. Switch in less than 10 minutes.

Safe & Sound

Arc Studio puts you at ease while writing, thanks to automatic backups and a seamless editing history.

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Automatic backups to your device and to the cloud: never lose work again!
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Automatic draft history: deleted some text that you want back? We kept it for you.
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The cloud done right: work offline or online seamlessly, and access your script from multiple devices.
Give access to co-writers with a click and see who has access at a glance
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Tools for Storytellers

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Arc Studio includes a digital whiteboard where you keep notes on story lines, characters, locations, all in one place.
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You build your story-structure with beat-cards and an intuitive drag&drop interface, and automatically color-code your beats.
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When it is time to write, you reference your notes next to your script: A one-stop solution for creative storytelling.
5 stars

Running a writer’s room is all about efficiency. Arc Studio lets us collaborate across the entire season and manage incoming notes or changes without ever losing track of a single thing. Can’t imagine ever going back.

Christian Linke
Showrunner, Arcane (Netflix)
riot arcane
Arc Studio is the easiest way to run a writers room.
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Coming from Final Draft, isn't learning a new program very hard?

No, all the shortcuts work the same and you can seamlessly import and export Final Draft files. The average time for an experienced screenwriter to go from skeptical to sold is 7.8 minutes.

Is Arc Studio only for professionals?

No, Arc Studio is used by thousands of non-professionals to write screenplays. Because of its intuitive, distraction-free design, it's actually a particularly good choice for beginners to write their first script. We offer lots of resources and tools inside the app to get you up and running on your screenwriting journey.

Can I work offline?

Yes. Arc Studio has been built to collaborate together online, while offering a seamless offline experience. Whenever you lose internet connection (either momentarily or for longer, e.g. on a weekend off the grid), we save your work on your computer and sync it to your co-writers once you come back online.

Your virtual
writers’ room

Arc Studio has real-time collaboration, like Google Docs. Invite co-writers with a click. Give notes and manage them right inside your script. Manage drafts effortlessly. Assign writers, set deadlines, track progress.

Everybody stays on the same page, crafting stories as a team.

Affordable for every budget
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