Working hard to put you at ease

Arc Studio’s mission is to let you focus on your creative work as a screenwriter, not on annoying tasks that distract from your storytelling. You should not have to worry about keeping backups, crashing programs, or even saving drafts of your work.

We put a lot of effort into providing a secure and reliable application. Read on to learn about Arc Studio’s technology that keeps your script safe and secure behind the scenes.

7-layer safety

In striving to make the industry’s best screenwriting software, security is our #1 concern. That’s why we provide automatic data redundancy at 7 layers:

  • The document inside the app
  • Regular backups inside the app
  • Local backups on your computer
  • Optional cloud backups on Google Drive
  • Your document is backed up in our database
  • Database replication 
  • Database backups 

With full version history, automatic saving, automatic backups and real-time cloud sync, your mind can be at ease so you can focus on what matters: telling your story.

No saving necessary

At the core of Arc Studio is a real-time sync mechanism, that allows smooth collaboration (like you might know from Google Docs), keeping your script secure in the cloud. This makes it unnecessary to save your file manually – just write. 

Plus, with full automatic document versioning, you don’t even have to think about keeping older versions of your script around – editing, rewriting, and tracking changes becomes completely worry-free.

Should you be offline, we keep your changes saved locally on your device and sync them as soon as you come back online. You won’t even notice that you were offline, usually, so you get all the upside of a cloud application with seamless offline writing. 

Redundant backups

For extra safety, you can configure the app to keep additional backups, both locally (on your computer), as well as with an alternative cloud storage provider, Google Drive.

Both options just take a few clicks and we will automatically keep up-to-date copies of your script in a dedicated folder on your computer, and a dedicated folder on your Google Drive. Should you ever become disconnected from Arc Studio for whatever reason: all your work will still be there for you.

In addition, we keep extra copies of your script inside the app. Should something ever go wrong, this would allow us to recover any lost work as a last resort – luckily, this hasn’t ever been necessary since we came out of beta.

How safe is it? 

Arc Studio stores its data with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the market leader in stable cloud hosting. Companies such as Netflix, Adobe, and payment provider Stripe rely on AWS’s services – next to Amazon itself, of course.

Your data is encrypted both in transit (while we send it from your computer to the cloud) and at rest (when we store it in our database, so that you can access it from anywhere).

We also replicate your data in real-time to a second, separate datacenter, so that we have a separate copy, in case there is a problem at our primary data-center. Of course, here we also employ encryption in transit, as well as at rest.

And on top of that, our whole database is backed up daily to yet another storage service inside of AWS.

Can Arc Studio staff read my script?

As the safeguards of the keys that protect your script, we are well aware of the responsibility this brings: Access to our data storage is strictly limited and enforced – all employees who are granted access to perform their job (such as software maintenance) are put under strict NDAs that prohibits them from accessing any scripts directly.

Should we ever need to access your script (e.g. to offer you support) we will always ask permission to do so beforehand.

On top of that, our privacy policy is very clear that we do not and will not analyze your data for any reason other than providing our services as best we can.

Michail Huber

Founder and CEO at Arc Studio Pro.

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