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Showrunner Edition Basics

This is a short intro to the basics of the Showrunner Edition. It covers:

  • Setting up a project and inviting collaborators
  • Working with a a script’s workflow status, to reduce management overhead
  • Working with revisions
  • The revision hub
  • Dynamic title pages

We also recommend reading our feedback guide, to learn how to manage stakeholder feedback (e.g. margin notes from producers).

Setting up a new project

A project is a collection of scripts and a team of collaborators. All collaborators in a project have access to all scripts in a project.

To set up a project, visit the desk and select the project tab. Hit “New” and enter a name.

Adding scripts

You can now add collaborators through the project’s “More”-menu.

Afterwards, either create new scripts directly inside the projects, or move existing scripts through their “More”-menus.

Workflow status

Once it belongs to a project, you can set a script’s status. The status contains:

  • The current workflow-step (e.g. writing, editing, requiring feedback)
  • Assigned collaborators
  • Notes on how to proceed

Setting the status sends email notifications to the assignees.

You also get an overview of all your scripts’ statuses on the project dashboard, so you’re always on top of what is happening.

Revision management

Arc Studio Pro tracks changes per default, so you don’t have to think about assigning revisions while writing, but can do so in hindsight: Select edit in a revision’s more menu, give it a name (e.g. Second Draft) and (optionally) a revision color.

Selecting a revision will highlight all the changes compared to the previous revision. We strongly recommend making the first revision the “White” revision, which won’t have its changes highlighted.

Note: you can compare any two versions of a script, so it is easy to just quickly see what has changed in a script since the last time you read it. In fact, when you re-enter a script that has changed since your last visit, we will prompt you to review changes.

Revision hub

To give your team quick and easy access to all revisions, we created a central place where all revisions are collected. You can access the revision hub from the desk or from the history menu inside a script.

Inside the hub, people will find a script’s revisions, both as clean version or with changes highlighted. You can also comment on the revisions to discuss necessary changes (or leave notes on current changes).

Dynamic title pages

Script title pages may contain dynamic snippets, that are replaced when exported as PDF. Dynamic snippets are added in double-curlies, e.g. {{ current-date }}.

The following values are available

{{ current-date }} -> export date
{{ }} -> revision creation date
{{ revision.description }} -> revision description (the name you gave it)

The following snippet will display the date the revision was created, unless it isn’t a revision, then it will display the export date:


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Founder and CEO at Arc Studio Pro.

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