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Craft Better Stories
– with Arc Studio Pro

Arc Studio Pro is a sophisticated and powerful partner, whether you are working on your first or your thousandth script. Super useful, super easy, and very good looking - just like you.

Professional Formatting

Arc Studio Pro automatically formats your screenplay to industry standards, even if you don’t know what they are. It’s super-easy to use for beginners and fully-customizable for pros.
Fully automatic, industry standard page layout and text formatting
Import and export Final Draft, PDF, and Fountain
Use intuitive shortcuts to format your text perfectly and effortlessly
The most advanced autocompletion on the market: Character names and sluglines automatically completed for you, for faster typing and consistent naming.
Elements are chosen for you based on what's most likely, and can be configured.

Keep it Flowing

Stay focused thanks to state of the art design. Write with ease and only think about your story, not the page margins or when you saved the last time.
Intuitive interface
Autosave and automatic backups for worry-free writing
Super-pretty night mode


Craft Your Story

Arc Studio Pro takes you beyond just formatting, and helps you build your story with the most powerful outlining features on the market.
Build your story from basic elements: plots, characters, and locations
Add beats and organize them in acts or sequences
Rearrange your story with intuitive drag & drop
Tag your beats with plots and characters, for intuitive color coding
Highlight certain storylines and characters to see their arcs at a glance

The Perfect Team Player

Arc Studio Pro is the screenwriting app that focuses most on collaboration. Screenwriting is often teamwork, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to work together - that’s why we offer the most sophisticated collaborative writing tools on the market.
Write at the same time in the same document - Real Time Collaboration just like in Google Docs
Invite collaborators with one click via email
Comment directly on the script
Request reviews and send read-only excerpts

Worry-free Editing Thanks to Full Traceability

Trying to find a certain scene or deleted dialogue? Miss a bit of text? Arc Studio Pro keeps track of all your edits and makes it easy for you and your collaborators to recover previous versions. Never search through piles of papers, different documents or endless emails again.
Search and manage your history with ease
Track your own changes
See what others changed – who and when
Delete and recover whole scenes thanks to sophisticated history features

Get going!