Education Program

More Teaching – Less Chores

Teaching should be about mentorship and support, not losing track of confusing email chains and wrestling with word processors. Arc Studio Pro was designed for working effectively in groups – especially in the classroom.

Exchange Scripts and Notes

With Arc Studio Pro, you share scripts with groups or individuals with a few clicks and notes can be left right inside the text. Reading assignments and discussions become easy and hassle-free. Writing assignments can be handed in right from the editor and you can read them in any browser. They can even be shared with the whole group for peer-review and discussion.

See what has changed

Don’t read the same script over and over again.

After your first review, subsequent revisions have all the changes highlighted, so you immediately see how your feedback was incorporated. We also show you previous notes you gave, so re-reviewing the changes becomes a breeze.

Built for Collaboration

Arc Studio Pro was built with collaboration in mind. Inspired by Google Docs’s workflow, several writers can work on the same script simultaneously. It also lets you check in one click the changes made by your collaborators: perfect for group assignments.

A complete Professional Screenwriting Tool

Besides the collaboration and reviewing features, students will have access to a carefully-designed screenwriting program including:

  • Powerful outlining features
  • Story arcs visualization through the ‘Arc Mode’
  • Automatic industry-standard formatting
  • Internal auto-save, local back-ups & drive back-ups
  • And more…

A Professional Tool… Minus the Cost

As part of our education program, both teachers and students have access to the full-featured Arc Studio Pro screenwriting app for a very limited price.

Give your students access to a beautiful, distraction-free writing environment valued at more than $100 per semester for almost nothing.

Get started with the new industry standard